I came to say that I like him too but he denied it?

He stares, keeps eye contact, his friends always tease us about being together and many other signs. Today i came and asked why his friends keep acting like that, he was like "theyre always like that with all the girls.. Dont pay attention to them" If he likes me, and im asking him that, why would he deny it?


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  • He's either not into you, or chickened out. How well do you know the guy?

    • We work together over a year. He stares at me a l o t! Holds eye contact, when sitting his whole body is facing me... Even when im alone with his friend, his friend says "you and him will suit eachother perfectly"

    • Maybe he likes you but doesn't think you'll pay attention to him? Otherwise, he's just a "looker", you know, one of those guys that always looks but never acts. Maybe you need to come up to him and take the first step... a few times :P

    • I dont want to look annoing and desperate

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