First date and he was hungover, gave weird energy, is he interested?

He was super hungover when he texted me , I said he didn't have to come over but said he wanted to spend time with me , he lived awhile away so he asked our. mutual friend to being him over as a surprise so she did and it was pretty awkward energy from him and he was constantly on his phone, plus he kept complaining about his hang over so we just played cards and we all went to the mall he walked with me half of the time the other half he walked by himself so he could text, I felt a little bit like him and my friend were flirting with each other as well and I asked her about it but she said no she was just trying to break the awkward energy, but I agreed I just thought that might be the case because he kept looking at the phone the whole time, he did only hug me when. he left and text me after the date but after a few texts. he didn't Respond what do you think is he interested?


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  • Answer: Yes, but

    Answer explained: He's interested, but not enough. The phone show his attention was not on you. Which is a bad sign when your on a date. Also the hangover shows lack of foresight and consideration. If the date was important to him, he would not be hungover. A slow response to a text is meaningless. Consider the following, if he instantly responded, it would be seen as desperate and a slow response as a lack of interest. It is best to remove this factor. However I believe that there are other guys more worthy of your time and attention.


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  • Well he was hungover and it does kill your mood in a sense. He did show interest in so far as he still showed up to your place by getting a drive from your mutual friend after you told him "NOT TO COME". In that case he needed to save face a little because by him coming over it would seem as though he was desperate and had to be a little standoffish in order to balance showing interest with desperation. The face that you now question whether or not he is interested is proof that it worked.

    • Omg and men say we play games

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    • As men we have to play games, it keeps you women on your toes. I've tried the honest approach vs. the play around approach and the honest approach has landed me in this situtation

    • Well he hasn't called. Maybe I should just let it go because to be honest I am not trying to feel emotionally frustrated constantly that's one of the perks of adulthood, it bothers though because he wasn't my type at all then I let my gaurds down almost then he does this... I feel like if he was interested enough he wouldn't be doing all of this

  • He was feeling awkward and used the hangover and phone for his security blanket

    • About the date? Or just in general?

    • Im tassuming the date, he wanted to seem cool and uninterested whike trying to hide his insecurity and fears

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