I got in trouble in front of my boyfriend!?

So my mom came to pick me up and confronted me for wearing a crock top and lying in front of my friends, friend's parents, and boyfriend and now my boyfriend isn't texting me back? Is that a bad sign? Do they all think I'm a slut? Please Help! :(


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  • Why would they call you a slut? Lies doesn't make you a slut.

    Your bf is having a hard time dealing with the fact you lied to him about something ( i hope minor). But alas. This is something you can't help. To be honest iff it was me and i had to find out you lied to me about something big, i would never trust you again. But i assume that its minor, so i guess that you should just wait it out until he contacta you.

    What ever you do. Don't harras him with texts or calls or whatever

    • No! I didn't lie to him!!! I lied to my mom and she confronted me i n front of him!!! And the slut part was because I was wearing a 1 of those half top shirts

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    • Sorry to hear that...

    • It's Ok :( But that you for your condolences and help :)

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  • Lying is not good, but also maybe it was embarrassing to witness this confrontation?


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