Late Bloomer Success Stories - Guy's Opinions?

I'm 20 years old now, and I've never had a GF before. Due to circumstances in my life, I really can't be involved with dating for the next few years (then things will clear up).

I'm a little sad nothing will ever work out. Any guys out there who had a late start dating make this work out? Anything special you did to get started?



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  • Well, first, why can't you be involved with dating for the next few years? I can see that if it were a few months or even a year, but a few years?

    • Money, school, and family responsibilities that will go away instantly when I graduate. Its not that I can't date or anything, it is just really hard to even think about it with my work.

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  • I'm 21 and as of yet no success but I've never really tried

    • Me either, I have not really tried. I guess I might be successful if I did.

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    • Lol that must have been a bit awkward!

    • Nah not really. She was getting married in like 2 weeks when I asked her lol. I was surprised since she looked 22 or 23 ish which maybe she was and wanted to get married early