He said I'm creeping him out and leave him alone:(?

I hung out with this guy living closer to my house twice. We made out but nothing more happened and I really liked him. Last night I got a little drunk at a friends house and texted him and asked to hang out.
This is the convo:
Me:I'm in Norwood but I'll drive to Philly if you want to meet
Him:Listen I'm no good for you
Me:What Can I call you
Him:No look I'm into feet! It gets weird
Me:What Can we talk
Him:I only wanted to get between your arches
Me:Can I at least see you tonight
Me:I'm driving over now
Him:I have a foot fetish! And you didn't fulfill my needs so its not gonna work
Me: Lol what
Me:Can we meet tonight
Me:Ok How about if I fulfill your needs
Me:Can we talk
Me:Whats going on. Why don't you answer when I call.
Me:Austin I'm serious. What's going on
Him:For real you are creeping me out. Leave me alone
Me:Really? I am the one whose creeping out?
Me: But I still wanna know wth is going on
Me:Can you talk
So meanwhile I called him like 11 times and he never answered. Also on my way home I stopped at his house and knocked on the door a bunch of times but nobody was home.
This morning I apologized for my drunken behavior and ask him to give me chance to talk. Of course, he hasn't replied. The sad thing I really like this guy and now I'm so unhappy.
Anyway I need to know what's happening so I was gonna go knock on his door tomorrow (he's off work) and demand to talk. I'm sick of game players specially when we are both in our 20s.

I really feel like he's upset because the last two times we made out I stopped last minute right before it got to sex. I got nervous but now I regret it. He used to be obsessed by my looks so I was gonna dressup nice and knock on the door
hoping he will turn around and give me another chance. I really can't move on I like him so much. I feel like I ruined it and I wanna fix it not give up.


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  • I don't think you screwed up here. The guys seems fishy though, why is he nervous about seeing you suddenly? If I was alone or with friends and I got your text late at night I would def want to meet you. He tried scaring you off, quite childishly I might say... for no reason he would explain, and then just disappears?

    Maybe you need to keep away of him for some time. Give both of you some space and see what happens.


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  • you sound like someone I know.. haha. girl get of his D, he feels like you are clingy and not giving him space. better said he doesn't want you (anymore) and the foot fetish thingy was invented as he tried to creep you away from him but it didn't work lol

    • Lol @the foot fetish. Same thing i was thinking.

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    • @Opinion Owner How did the drunk texting workout for you? Did she understand? I want everybody to know that normally I'm not clingy at all. This was the first time I texted him all day yesterday, and the first time I called him ever.

    • hm it literally was the breaking point of it. even if you try to get it back to normal and confess it's actually the end of it. I recomend you don't try to poke him till he starts texting you again. also it seems you are the attatched one in the relationship and he doesn't feel anything at all, so he could also be scared of you being clingy as the balance between how much you like each other comes mostly on your side.
      For my part: she didn't understand, our actions were at the same level but the deeper meaning to it belonged only to my side. it was nothing serious

  • You did nothing wrong to him and you shouldn't need to give in
    and give him sex you had a reason why he seemed so scared
    for you to come to his place, i think he could have his foot fetished
    taken care of that's why now he is acting this way really you need
    to let stew for while until and if he decides to come to his senses
    but make sure he isn't using you for his own pleasure

  • You where driving drunk? Shame on you.

    • yeah. I regret that too but I wasn't like out of it.

  • You know my answer already. At least it wasn't a fugly fetish. Lol

  • he's not into you! dont you get it?

    • Would this make a difference. he just called me and hung up after one ring? is he thinking about me.

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    Reading all the information that you have given... you are acting like an obsessed maniac. He told you clearly that he doesn't want anything to do with you and you are still insisting. Let go girl! Move on. You text, call, and knock on his door too much.

    Reading thus

    • @asker you like a guy who've you met only for 2 days...

      He told you specically he wanted sex only. He wanted you as a sex tool but it seems like he doesn't anymore. Find someone who likes you for you.

  • I think he as made it clear he doesn't want you so move on. Don't call, text and definitely don't go knocking on his door you will just end up making a fool of yourself and getting hurt even more.. :/

  • Yeah you came across as clingy which probably scared him off. Just ignore him from now on and see if he comes back. If not you know where you stand

  • oh god, you're one of those "we made out so we're practically together" girls. LEAVE HIM ALONE

  • Why oh why are you trying with this guy? There is nothing to discuss. Absolutely nothing. He doesn't owe you anything. Not a phone call, not an explanation. He's not interested. Yet you continue to text and call and show up and pester. He has been clear with you. There is absolutely nothing to discuss. He's not playing games. There are no games. There is nothing. Take what little pride you have left and forget him. Do not call, do not text, do not show up at his door. You won't hear from him and he doesn't owe you anything. You owe it to -yourself- to keep moving forward.

    • I can't move on. I like him so much and he can't just cut me off like that. I really regret my drunken behavior last night but c'mon he knows me.

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    • Also if he's not into me why won't he just say that instead of talking about a foot fetish. He could have been gentleman-like about it and said we should be friends. And I won't be so confused and upset.

    • Because some people are just jerks, that's just the way it is unfortunately. We (anyone, guys and gals) don't always get treated with the respect we deserve, especially when it comes to a delicate subject such as rejection. Some people just want it to be as easy on THEM as possible, finding a way out unscathed, not really caring about the other person's feelings. We don't always get an explanation or even an apology. Some people even disappear into thin air without a word, without a trace. There's all sorts of nasty ways people take a weasel way out, but sometimes our reaction does us no favors and it just ends up hurting even more.