I really really really don't want to mess this up!!!?

For a few short weeks I had been seeing this guy. We had promised each other to be honest about other people and if we had met any! Even though he wasn't my bf I was excited.

Lately things changed. He stopped texting started routinely not calling when he said he would. When I asked about it, he blamed work which was busy.

So last night after trying to get in contact with him wanting to talk to figure out what was going on, he send me a text saying "I'll call you tomorrow, I am not feeling it, so I will call when I have time". Today I sent a nice text about how I knew he had been busy and it was okay if we just wanted up as friends. No answer.

Spent the afternoon with a good friend who I know likes me, but who I also complained about the guy I was seeing often too. Here's the thing, when He confessed his feelings I just wanted to be friends (because of the other guys) well I changed my mind. So I told him I liked him and that's why I am having so many doubts about the other guy. I told him its been done (but in reality that's a stretch I have been trying to talk to him for several days) wanting to have a true conversation) but he hasn't even done that.

Anyways I want the friend, and wanting the friend is the smartest thing I have done in a long time. But how do I deal with the other guy? Who I was telling that I was still optimistic a few days ago. I changed my mind in an instant because I realized who cared about me more. IF the guy I was seeing really cared, he'd do what he said... I am happy with my choice but this other guy will be part of my social circle and I want to be mature...

Is texting him tomorrow and saying "hey, I know you have been crazy busy these days and I am sorry. I am thinking you and I are better off just friends. I really was optimistic, but because of what you are going through and what I have in my life I think it might be best for both of us, I am sorry and I hope we are cool". Is that how you do this? lol


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  • Give him a couple of days
    Maybe he is really busy
    After that if no call or text or creepy texts like "i am busy again"
    Go and have fun and find someone else who really loves and who may skip work for you
    That is my opinion


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