Asking out girls in high school?

Is it fine to just walk up to them if you never get the chance to interact with them in your class or whatever (or even if you did), maybe ask them a question ("How's it going?" if nothing else comes to mind) or two, and then compliment their appearance and say something like (usually I'll just say whatever is on my mind, but this more or less), "You wanna go out for [insert activity here] this coming weekend?"

I mean that's really all I'll probably get time for anyway between classes. And for this reason, getting to know them first doesn't work. There's just not enough time between classes and most likely she will not be sitting near me. I just think it would be better to get to know whichever girls I am interested in peacefully on a first date than on the go in the hallways, during which she will probably with her friends anyway.

I don't care about getting rejected, as long as I am destined to eventually get a "yes" when life thinks it's the right time.

But I still want to know if you think this is a good approach.

Of course you don't want to ask too frequently in high school due to it being a small social environment where gossip is rampant.
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  • I think your approach is good! I think girls would like your idea of getting to know them better in a calmer environment! im sure I would anyway! Maybe say something like "want to meet up this weekend? id like to get to know you better" but don't make it sound like you mean it in a sexual way ;) haha anyway, hope this helped

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