So I kinda didn't know these 2 girls knew each other and now screwed up?

so I meet this girl during the summer who is a dental hygienist student , we got along and didn't date but was some attraction and she just left to go back to college in this city an hour north of here and I haven't seen her for a couple weeks . I honestly though we had some potential but she's younger than me and still finishing school. so I didn't really pursue things as much is I could of.

here's where things get weird and messy , than last night I happened to be in the city she goes to college in , I didn't make plans to see her or anything like that , just happened to be there and is this sports bar downtown I like to go to and been there a few times over the years. noticed this new brunette server , she really caught my attention and was wearing these tight black pants that showed off her really nice body and butt. and I couldn't stop checking her out all night and flirted with her a bit and made eye contact and did everything I could to make in known I was interested in her. than her shift ended and she left annoyed with me.

anyways I then today noticed on Facebook these 2 girls know each other and are like best friends at college and even both in dental program there. so other girl is going to hear I was in that city , didn't visit her or even try to and instead hit on her close friend at that bar. honestly I don't know if I can recover from this one or if first girl is going to be way too annoyed with me now? any thoughs


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  • You dun goofed up.
    seriously, i understand you want help but this mess is your own, and you kinda deserve the experience of doing the mistakes.
    Either way, here's a few general mistakes that can help you.
    1. be honest, no matter what. Tell the truth. seeing as they know eachother, the truth WILL be known, no matter if you want it or not.
    2. Talk to the girl you like and simply admit your mistake. Pray she'll forgive you
    3. Learn from the whole ordeal.

    Nope, not going to digg you out of this mess, sorry.

    • its weird I now know both these girls but not sure when I'd even see them again next so not sure when I'd get chance to talk to either of them in person. I think there both annoyed at me but not sure they care that much , there both so busy with school now. but yeah not sure she'll forgive me for this one

    • If it helps, at least you weren't seriously dating anyone of them...
      That REALLY sucks if you fuck up something (wether it be infaithfullness, stupid beavior, or something else).

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  • I wouldn't go back to you, I don't think you can recover from this one unless the girl is desperate, just an honest answer.


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  • This guy is right. We all make mistakes, some you just have to live with. Unfortunately there's no magic wand for every scenario. One time I was texting two girls at once, and (without realizing what I was doing) I sent them both a pic in a group message. They called each other and became friends. Yeah, good times. Don't worry, there's other women out there, I wouldn't get worked up over it. Hey, at least now you can learn from it.

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