I kinda think it doesn't exist?

Hello, i'm 19 years old and i never had a girlfriend... it might seems weird but... i just want to be with someone because i want love from her, and i want to love her back, hold her hand, kiss her, take care of her in the hard time... but it seems like girls just don't like me. I have tried tinder... but people seems to go for the look.. i never got any matche. I have got one so far and she blocked me when i asked what she was doing...

Right now.. i'm trying to learn more about a girl i know on facebook.. she lives near me and i have worked few days with her at my old job before i left. I already had her on Facebook and i reconised her, here is what i said:

Hi :)

You work at my old job haha

mcdonalds in mascouche? :)

the girl: yes :)

me: ohhh haha, i saw you, you was doing the french fries, do you like it?

the girl: ohh ok, yes it's good :)

me:haha, sorry i know that we don't know each other but i have reconised you

i'm not there anymore, i hope they treat you well.

the girl: yeah i don't know you hahaha :o, and ok haha thanks!! You are not working here since when? o:

me:it's been 2 weeks or more, but i got an accident at my job so :l

Let me put a picture of me maybe you will reconise me >< but anyway haha

girl:oh ok haha:)

me:did they put you at serving people? :o

girl: yes :)

me: haha ok :)

Then i didn't talk to her for a long time because i was too shy to ask her out... I did meet 1 girl after that and it didn't work out because i was too shy. Now i was to talk to her again and get to know her more. I said hi to her on Facebook and it been 2 days that she didn't reply... she's on Facebook everyday :l but the message doesn't say *seen*... i really don't know what to do... my life is so depressing.. everything i do doesn't work ):

I'm the kind of guy that like girls that are different, dress differently, doesn't dress with tight shorts and belly button t-shirts... and a girl that would go anywhere with me and one day sit on the nature and look at the sky.. and hold her hands
i wish love was like a movie... but it doesn't exist ):


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  • Take it easy is the best advice I can tell you. I guess women feel when we are kinda desperate to be with someone, the time I was like that nothing happen at all. At my 22 and finishing college I tought to my self to take it easy and on that moment a considerably amount of girls started to approach me or at least be more social with me. Some will talk to you, some will go on a date and others will ignore you and all it's ok because is part of the game. Just chill and do things that you like hopefully in one those you meet a girl interested in you

    • Yeah... i can't just not worry about it.. i swear... i really need somone to be in love with. i feel so alone... everyday... even if i was going out with friends... i would still feel alone because most of them have someone to love. I just want to know what to do with the girl i like on facebook... i wanna ask her out... know more about her but she never replied to me on facebook...):

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