My Personality Sucks & I Can't Attract Women?

All of my life, I have been told by women, family members and even friends (that are women) that I am fairly attractive. When I tell people that I am a virgin or haven't been on a date, they have a hard time comprehending this. The fact of the matter is, after being around a few very social friends at my job, I have come to realize that I am really boring.

I'm 23. I am a quiet and reserved guy, but a great dresser. I enjoy reading, current events, writing, sports, cars, movies, music, and traveling. Despite this, when I talk to women, I cannot seem to hold their attention. Or... if I get their number... I am always the one that has to text.

-My friend I met at work (well, he introduced himself to me and befriended me) named Woody is 47. He is a big guy with a receding hairline. I have hung out with him at work and outside of work... and my god... he is amazing.

-He knows how to get everyone in a room to like him. Everyone is his friend and he has no enemies.

-He knows a lot about everything. Ranging from video games/toys/comics to tools/cars/sports/

-At work everyone loves him, and all the women at work (young and old) enjoy being in his company. Even at work, women have given their number to him. He accepts out of politeness, but never calls them.


-My friend John is 27. Like Woody, he is very social. Johnny has no enemies and everyone is his friend.

While he is not physically attractive, He always seems to have a legion of women talking to him wherever he goes.

-Like Woody, he also has a girlfriend.

-Just recently, Thomas is a new guy at my job. He is 20, and only talks to certain people.

-Whenever he sees a woman, he goes up to her and instantly tells her how beautiful she is.

-We were talking today, and he told me at his other job, he got a supervisors phone number (she is 27) and she contacts him for conversation often!

How can I develop a personality like these guys?


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  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try talking to more people and be less shy. I'm pretty shy myself so it's hard for me to talk to people sometimes even when they're the ones that start the conversation. I can come off as awkward sometimes even when I don't mean to. I have gotten better at this in the last few years though by putting myself in more uncomfortable positions for me to try to get more used to it and better at it. I'm 22 and I've never been in a relationship or anything. It's not something I care much about and it doesn't bother me. I've also had people tell me they couldn't believe I've never had a boyfriend.


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  • It can be tough to get a partner when you are a introvert/shy, I know as I am those things as well. I think in order to find love, we have to not let our introversion hold us back, we have to be social & let people see us for who we really are. I know it's hard, but I believe that is the only way we will ever find someone. Good luck in finding love.

  • Why do you say you have a sucky personality? You seem fine and awesome to me! :) being boring isn't bad if that's what you mean I guess. I mean I'm a boring person sometimes but that's only because I'm not used to going out with other people like my friends.


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  • women just have higher standards these days. many guys are in same position as you

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