How do you let a girl go without hurting her feelings?

I have encountered girls who are just not my type. I don't mean to be shallow or anything, but just cannot help it. I am picky, I admit that about myself.

But at the same time, I do not like to insult or hurt feelings either. How do I let girls down without hurting their feelings? Although I am usually a straight forward person, that is a touchy area I rather not be so blunt about.


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  • everyone encounters people who are not their type. NORMAL.

    just tell them you're not interested.

    how far along do you get that you can't just say not interested,
    if you're honest its not insulting its just reality. if you sugar coat things its insulting AND confusing. you're not doing anyone any favors. just be direct and sterile so she can move on.

    honestly harping over how not to hurt someone who likes you by walking away -is really deep down just a indirect way of feeding your ego thinking how powerful you are that you can hurt someone. they will hurt a bit bc thats how it is. they like you you don't like them. you're not hurting them, they were just hurt. by life. no one LIKES rejection but wasting time in life is soooooo much worse. band once they know it won't be with you they can find someone they can be with.

    think of it this way. obsessing over the delivery is not considerate its just stalling and it keeps them from finding real love. .. don't indulge. just do it get it over with so you can booth move on.

    • dont be mean. don't be sweet. just be clear and factual. think respect not 'nice'.

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  • say that your just looking for something different and that its not her but set her down to say this and be very serious and sincere. make sure that she knows that this is a break up dont be misunderstanding

    • it IS her. and is him. its her and him not being what he wants. he's not interested in her... saying its not her will just sound patronizing.

  • Lets just say it like this. I have been on the receiving end of rejection. I wish that MEN would tell me that they are not interested. Do not do the whole ignoring crap and date other women because the girl you don't like will find out and that will hurt more and she will see you as an ass. So be honest tell her you not interested at least she will respect you for it and it shows that you care and respect her for telling her. That is just my opinion.


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