Why did he say let's talk tommorow and then not do it?

This guy I was seeing for a while moved far away and we decided not to do the long distance. We keep in touch and the other day he asked me to come visit him. At first I said yes and said I would try to work things out to come up. The thing is the flight is 600$. So I texted him a few days later and asked if we could split the plane ticket. He then told me it's possible let's talk tommorow. It's been two days and he hasn't responded to me? Was he just dodging my question? I don't understand why he hasn't got back to me.


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  • Why didn't you call him, he might have been waiting on you

    • Because he's the one inviting me and I'm waiting for his answer why would he be waiting on me he's the one that needs to make the decision.

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