First time we met. but we overdid to the limits what does that mean?

we just met and watched a movie. then as the movie goes by. he tries to make something click between us. u know. where he tries to ask if your ticklish then he tries to tickle you which is kind a cute but well when I was focused on the screen he gave me a small peck on the cheeks then when I turned he gave me a lingering kiss. that was the first kiss then secondly it was lip biting kiss.. then followed by a light french kiss.. but all of those he made the first move.. i just gave him light pecks after every kiss. haha..
and the final kiss was a peck and a lingering one.

and that bothers me because we just met and we almost like gone over what is suppose to be expected in our first date..

what could that possibility be?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Your time is important too, just let him know that you prefer to go slower. He might just be too deep into you, or just horny but again, what's important is what you feel here, you need to ok with this. If you're not, just explain him, I'm sure he'll understand :)


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  • tell him next time you want to take it slow, it will make the relationship last longer and each kiss will be sweeter.