What do I do? I have a crush but I don't think he will like me back, help me?

Okay so I recently started a new school to be with my siblings. I was put in a catholic school. The first day I was kinda having a panic attack. I was so nervous when I walked Into the classroom. My mother had to come with me to get some forms from my home room teacher and as soon as we walked into the classroom one of the boys called out "look another new girl" and when I looked over I saw him. He was sitting there alongside his friends and he looked so perfect and cute. I looked away quickly because I was scared of him looking at my flaws. When the teacher said to sit anywhere I stood there frozen and I couldn't talk. My mom sounded very sincere when she asked me where I wanted to sit. When I didn't answer my mom just put me on the left side if the classroom more towards the back. Tomorrow I start my second week of school. The past week I have been steeling glances at him and he has caught me almost every time. Maybe he thinks I'm weird? He keeps his distance and I don't think he likes me. I'm bigger then the girls in my class. I overheard one of the girls saying they weigh 80 something pounds and I'm over here weighing 160... I'm thicker I guess you can say. I wear size 13 pants while a size 5 on my friends is loose. I wear glasses and have acne and try and look cute but I don't think it's working. The more I think about it the more I know the possibility is very low. I watch him play football at our lunch break. He is very fit, has very nice mussles, and is very sporty. I'm the total opposite and have health issues and can't run or jog for a long period of time. I don't think he will accept me. I don't want to approach him because I'm to scared but I really want to be with him or at least get to know him. His blue eyes seal the deal. I need help... What should I do? Am I just completely hopeless? I mean I am short and fat so I guess I probably should just move on and accept the fact that he won't find me attractive or even view me as a option. Help.


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  • Aw! Don't be so harsh, I do the same also, but be confident! :)

    I think it's hard to tell whether he likes you or not. But keep chatting to him and see how things go. Maybe add him on Facebook, if you find chatting in person too nerve-wrecking.

    But if he keeps glancing at you, he probably thinks you're beautiful, and might like you!

    Good Luck! x


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  • Short & fat... and also shy? That's a problem.

    If you were funny, or had an outgoing personality - maybe you could work that angle.

    But, esp. for young guys (school) they're unlikely to do something which will impact their popularity - get them gossiped about.

    And if you do get any action, it's going to be him fucking you just because he's horny, and dissing you afterwards.

    I'd say, stay away from him until after college/he's grown up.

    If you can, try and work on your health issues. You don't need to get down to the scrawny weight-range, but looking fit/curvy will go a long way. And yeah, it's going to be tough because you're also short.

    If you can, work on humor and other things. Funny (witty) girls can overcome a lot of problems with looks. Same for women who're fun to be around. Same for ones who're interesting and/or outgoing.

    It's hard to get those working when you're self-conscious about your looks, but that may be the best angle to pursue.

    Smarts aren't going to help you until you're older. Nobody in school particularly pursues a smart GF unless they're just looking for help on their homework (and cheating on her). Unless they're also looking to settle down soon (smart women are the best if you want smart babies).

    • I'm just going to let what happens happen. He is catholic so if he really is true to that then he won't use me for that. We are still young but if we don't get close then lol just wait then. Thanks.

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  • What grade are you in?

    • We are in grade 8. He has defiantly hit puberty and so have I when I was ten. I'm already in the dating stage and have been for a while but maybe he isn't?

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    • I don't know... He might have but if I asked any of my new friends then they would know that I like him

    • Just bring it up and say i don't think Kevin, Dylan, (your crush's name) have had girlfriends before. Like don't just say do you know if (your crush's name) has ever had a girlfriend? There are casual ways to ask.

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