Serious moral quandary involving homecoming?

Two girls are involved in my problem. Girl A (I'll call her Karen) is awesome, and a softball player, and I really like her. However, I thought she was out of my league. I chickened out of asking her to homecoming, and instead asked a friend of mine, Girl B (she'll be called Jessica). Girl B is cool and fun, but she is not as much my type, romantically speaking. I found out recently that Karen wanted (and still wants) me to ask her to homecoming. She's the girl I've wanted all along, and I found out from a mutual friend that Jessica would be okay with me going with Karen instead. (Jessica was planning on going to homecoming with a group of single friends anyway, and would've just met me at the dance). Should I go with Karen? Or should I stay with Jessica for the dance? Am I horrible for even considering going back on Jessica? Please help me...


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  • Talk to the girl you asked to homecoming, honestly tell her what you said here. If she is OK with you going with the other girl then ask her to homecoming. If you do end up with going with the other girl then you should pay for both girls to go to the dance.


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  • Lol, oh high school...

    But really, that kinda stinks. I mean, if it were clear to Girl B (dunno why they had to have names) that you had no romantic intentions, then it may be alright to switch.

    However, if she was only going because you asked, bought a dress, told the parents, yada yada, then you gotta stick to your commitments.

    On the plus side, playing hard to get is attractive, so its not like you ruined your chances with girl A