Ok this girl I dated and I was intimate with, doesn't want to talk, she doesn't ignore me but she acts really strange? your opinion pls?

We dated for a month, we were pretty intimate, kissing, touching , i thought things went well, she went on a holiday and things changed after that. she hardly speaks to me, sometimes completely acts like i dont even exist and sometimes she gives me a look. She doesn't ignore me, she writes back when i write her something but we end up having short conversations, i know she has time to write to others, ( we do have a small communication problem since she hardly speaks any other language then polish, bit of german ) . I do think she was seeing someone before we spended time with each other, and i suspect she is seeing this kid/ guy again. He is 6 years younger, he barely turned 18 . she has a kid , she is 24 wtf could she possible want from a person like that. It upsets me that she doesn't want to be honest with me. I told her we need to talk, and she does show up but no results. i really love her, what can i do. should i get angry to her, knowing she is used to jerks. maybe she will think different of me then. I can't figure out why she stopped initiating conversations with me, why doesn't want to see me anymore, its all out of the blue. she gave me various reasons that we can't be together, she acted like she wanted to have sex, and she did come a few time, but we didn't have any actual sex. she did shave herself between her legs, . i find this all very strange, maybe personal hygiene but why act like you want to have sex but refuse to have sex. what do you think, should i show her in a respectable way that i won't tolerate these stupid mind games, it really angers me, she doesn't open up. and whats up with this 18 year old kid, im 26, i have a nice job, treated her well, maybe thats the mistake i made. i should have been a jerk to her, would it make a difference if i show your once and for good that im sick and tired of these stupid mind games, and that she needs to grow up. what can i do, my parents think she maybe has sex for money. i really find this far fedged


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  • You have answered many of your Own questions, ReneDS, and being she is just '18,' you're much older, more Mature with a lot to offer Some girl out there, unfortunately I don't believe it will be This little rose spud.
    She is probably back with the boy from her past, isn't 'Woman enough' to man up to You that she Is, and is now putting you on her 'Slightly some' pay no list as a helpful hint to lay off, giving you lame excuses, forget her and don't bother with her again.
    I see all the signs that her Red flag is raising here, and as much as it hurts, is infuriating of not Only 'stupid mind games,' but playing 'Head games' with you to boot, she obviously doesn't want to 'Play' anymore. She is what I call a cock teaser, and most likely Liked you enough at the time to get heated with you, but better thought to leave well enough alone by Not going all the way...
    Move on, sweetie. She needs to 'Grow up,' you're right about that. You deserve better, have so much to give someone who can appreciate What you have to Give and someone like yourself as well. Don't waste your time and efforts on a wet nose who you will probably never figure out, although to be quite honest----I believe you have and just don't know it.
    Good luck. xx

    • She isn't 18, she is 24. I think she is hanging around with an 18 yo. what could a 24 yo single mother possibly want from a 18 yo kid who doesn't even have a job.

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    • She doesn't behave like someone who couldnt care less about me, she could block me, she could return the stuff i gave her, that makes her remember me. She seems thankful when i give her a friendly guesture, i just can't figure out why she acts like i dont exist to her. I dont feel good with how the things are going right now, what would you do in my Situation, i dont want to throw away my chances but i dont want to lay low

    • You again have answered your own question... She is keeping you around perhaps to lean on you for like a security blanket in case something falls through with this guy she is seemingly with now... No, no tblocking you means wants you around, any friendly chats still she is still wanting to keep you in th ebackground. This is most likely why she is stilll keeping you in th epicture... But it's notgoin ganywhere if she is Not into More with you, so all you can do is either wait for her to come maybe running back or move on to someone who really deserves you... I probably would have just stayed at least friends, if anything, although I know it's hard to do it... But it's something for now until you accept that she is either not coming back or if she does, can you ever trust her again that she won't Do this again?

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  • Urgh omg guys should stop with this ridiculous jerk vs nice guy thing... girls don't like jerks. No girl likes being hurt. But truth is, you don't know this guy or are around when they are together so how you can you know he's a jerk.. just cause she likes him doesn't make him a jerk. Everyone has flaws. Everyone can hurt someone. So in some ways, given the right situation anyone can act like a jerk. Now that I got that out of the way... this girl sounds confused. She doesn't sound invested in you or what you have. It's only fair that you two actually talk about this and stop playing cat and mouse. Yes, you deserve to know the truth. You should ask her for it straight up and if she can't give it then move on and burn those bridges cause in all honesty, she sounds a bit insane and I don't know why a guy would want to be with a girl like that. It's funny how guys complain about girls like jerks but fail to see that the girl they like is acting like a jerk too.

    • ok her ex is in jail for 5 years, he treated her like shit, now she is a single mother of 24. this 18 year old guy acts like a macho, seeing his pics, everyone tells me she wants someone like that. im nice to the girls i like but that doesn't mean im a nice guy, so maybe i should get angry with her once, to show her my other side. that doesn't accept all this BS, not sure if i have to bring up that 18 year old kid, but it really frustrates me

    • If you don't like girls who date jerks then perhaps it's times to ask yourself if you yourself aren't desiring a girl who's acting like a jerk too... see the irony? But I think you're right. You should be angry with her but just remember her liking jerk guys is not much different to you liking this girl who is clearly toxic too.

  • Is that 18 yo guy rich? He probably supports her abit, financially speaking/? He could might as well be a pimp or a friends with benefits of hers.

    • no he isn't rich at all, doesn't even have a job. he a pimp , the kid just turned 18. her habit you mean what, drugs? i know she smokes, and maybe even occiasonally smokes weed but this guy.. he doesn't seem to be rich. he isn't very good looking either, i can't figure out what she wants from this kiddie. maybe she feels young again because of this kid, she got a child when she was 16, stayed together with this one guy who is the father of her child for 9 years, he went into jail for 5 yaers since early 2014. i can offer her a new future, she told me she liked me but now this odd behaviour. i tried to talk to her today, she said, ok we talk, then she said no, then 3 minutes later she came back and told me lets talk, when i ask her what her problem is, she says she has no problem etc... and she tells me she has to go back to work. wtf... she keeps switching her mind.

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    • Im sorry but if you are dating one guy, then start dating me, texting me during vacation, etc sharing things with me that mean the world to her, and then go back to that guy, i take that personally, i even think its a game she shouldn't be playing. why give me the sincere idea that she liked me, maybe she did, and all of a sudden, im not there anymore. things really dont add up with her...

    • Time to confront her. Do you talk to her in Dutch? or German? It could be a language barrier too when she can't find the right words to tell you exactly what she wants you to hear.

  • she's probaly feels dirty maybe she was a virgin

    • how can she be a virgin if she has a child, i can't figure her out, what her motives are for dumping me for appearant reason not even willing to talk to me. im gonna confront her again after work, and tell her she should stop this childish game and talk to me, if she wants us to get along fine. maybe i rushed things a bit in the beginning but she never game me a clue she wasn't into me... i just hate it when she doesn't talk to me, she doesn't decline my requests to talk but never comes up with any answers. and im trying to figure out what this 18 year old kiddo has to do with it, its beginning to piss me off. im 26 for gods sake, wtf has this kid to offer her, she has a child, she acts really weird

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