Ever dated a friend?

Ok so me and this friend have liked each other for about 6 years I'd say l, nothing was but it was just one of those things that we both knew but wouldn't say anything. Anyway we basically told each other that we love each other but we're kinda stuck if we want to take it further because we're good friends what if we was to somehow breakup? And if it was bad we wouldn't be friends anymore? I forgive very easily. and I would still remain friends if it unfortunately didn't work out. Im not sure to do basically. Has anyone else ever done the same? How did it work out for you? Or anyone close to you?


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  • Yes, I dated my best guy friend for a little bit. Our situation was very similar to yours- we were very close friends, we both kind of knew the feelings were there but never acknowledged them. But once we finally did, I was absolutely terrified to actually date him- he was my best friend, what if we dated, he somehow became MORE important in my life, and then I lost him?
    We did get together for about a year, but it just didn't quite work out between us. It wasn't a bad break up because a) he's a sweetheart and never wants to hurt anyone and b) we still cared about each other a lot.

    We're still friends- not quite as close as we were before we dated, but we still talk and hang out, the connection is still there. I still feel like he knows me better than almost anyone and I'm comfortable telling him almost anything. We're also back to being brutally honest with each other- when we dated we'd be more diplomatic and soften the truths that might be hard to hear for the other person. Now, just like before we started dating, we just tell it like it is.

    I say, give it a try, it might work for you, and if it doesn't you can probably still salvage the friendship.


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  • Me and this were very close friends for two years and we decided to take it further which our relationship lasted for another two and a half years , broke up (a bad breakup) but that friendship is still there , and we still conversate so I say give it a try! You never know could end up marrying the woman , they say the best relationships are the ones who were friends first but if it doesn't work out , there's no reason as to why you shouldn't still have that friendship. (Unless it was something like cheating ect) think positive about it , my friend always says "you have to risk it to get the biscuit" :p

    • Haha that's a nice saying, yeah I suppose your right makes logical sense really. I think it might be her because I want to take it further but something is holding her back she did come out of a relationship of about 6 years recently a few months ago so that is probably why, makes a. point of. how she will never be happy I think it's about time we take it further. Thanks for your comment given me some hope that's it's the right thing to do. As with us both its feels %100 right but at the same time % 100 wrong.

  • Dating a friend is one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made... When things don't work out in a relationship with them it ruins the friendship after. I've tried dating friends and it was never the same after we broke up

  • It's worth a shot after all these years.


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