Feel the need to get out when I'm told something?

Ok so my friend who I've known nearly all my life has told me that she loves me, I love her too but none of us said anything, until yesterday. She just stopped Me and said I love you, I said I love you too dipshit (personal joke between us). but then she said no I actually "love love" you. Now I've had my foot in the friend zone with this girl I say foot because I knew I was so I wasn't totally friend zone? ... But now this? But what I mean by get out is I had this crazy need to leave her house when she said it to me? Even though I wanted to say it and do love her too I just couldn't? Anyone have any ideas why? I know it's probably one of the most hardest things to answer. Thanks


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  • Maybe because your mood is different that day.. You have feelings for her but can't say or express it.. I think the answer is within you since its a subjective feeling... but if I were in that situation, I think its because saying "I love you" in the way stated above is just like a joking manner which is not really clear if its sincere love or not unless I can see the person or feel on how it is being said.. some people can easily say"I love you" without actions nor real feelings (that is not real love)... some people can hardly say those words but actions prove it more...


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  • It's either you don't love her as more than friends, either she scared you. Do you regret that you didn't say it?


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