Y doesn't he want to change fb relationship status?

I have started dating this guy who has been pursueing me for a long time, many of his friends know that he has been trying to woo me. He tells his closest friends about me. We decided to give it a go but have not told anyone yet. I was thinking we could announce it to a group of people we hang oit with and he said he doesn't want to let this guy know yt because he spreads around rumours. Then he said is it ok I dont update my fb relationship status? I just feel that it should be between us and a few close friends. Let other people find out themselves.
i find this abit odd of him why doesn't he want to show me off to other ppl? He told me his friends think that I am pretty so isn't it better for him to show that I am attached to him?
Red flag? P. s I dont use facebook.

Completely different opinions frm both sexes here xD Guys what you think of the female pt of view?


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  • First off I am not trying to blast you or him with this but I would like to clear things up for myself a bit. First "He tells his closest friends about me." So why do you care about his facebook? He isn't hiding you or anything. Second "I was thinking we could announce it to a group of people we hang oit with and he said he doesn't want to let this guy know yt because he spreads around rumours" sounds like he is trying to protect you from a known rumor maker which could be on his Facebook as well. Third "why doesn't he want to show me off to other ppl" Maybe he would rather you be his and not for public display. He doesn't see you as arm candy. Forth "P. s I dont use facebook" I am sure he knows this and him telling you he wasn't going to change his FB status even though you probably wouldn't have found out anyway says he really cares about what you think. The only Red Flag I see here is the fact he seems to think very highly of you and is looking out for you. Lastly when you say give it a go, Do you mean BF/GF or just dating?

    • That makes more sense! Thanks heaps cos Im new to being in a relationship. At first I thought I didn't care until I told a few of my friends about it and they found it odd thats what made me think shld I be worried? Yea we are bf/gf

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  • my own experience for someone NOT wanting to change their relationship status in Facebook or "hiding" it except for a few people is that they are not wanting others to know they're in a relationship. It's the way they can still flirt or look appealing and available to their other friends or public. I'd have a real problem if my girl didn't change her status because she gets guys to friend her all the time. It wasn't until her status changed that they stopped flirting via messages or on her pics she posted. It was a real issue for a bit. Once it was changed and other saw she was taken they chilled out a lot. It'd be the same with him and other girls... stay or look available in case something more appealing came around.

  • I wouldn't get worked up about it. I know that I personally don't like to update relationships on Facebook, I'm not into all the fuss. I know it's the minority that aren't statues hungry. Do you want him to show you off to others? You should be happy without getting confirmation from other people.

    It's not a red flag by it's self.

  • Maybe it's hard for you to understand, but some people don't give a crap about Facebook and don't update it with every little thing in their lives.


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  • honestly 9 times out of 10 its because he's still acting like he's single

    otherwise he would be proud and happy to claim you publicly

    he might tell his closest friends about you, but he probably doesn't tell them hoes he's talking to behind your back about you

    • or maybe he just doesn't want the whole freaking Facebook to know? In the end it's their business. And some people don't even give a crap about facebook. I've seen way too many relationships getting ruined because of people who get involved after finding out about the couple. haha

    • why would you not want people to know your in a relationship unless you have something to hide? that makes no sense to me. nothing positive can come from people not knowing ur in a relationship. it is their business but she asked this question for a reason. other people can't ruin ur relationship unless u let it. I fail to see how once everyone knows theyre together the relationship will get messed up unless one of his side hoes does something. but if he has no side hoes then it should be no problem, right?