Girls would you do this if you didn't like a guy and can your feelings change?

I've been talking and texting this girl for two months, so this Friday we went on a date and had an intimate moment and cuddling and everything.

But now she's acting sorta weird, not opening my snaps, and taking forever to respond to texts. Last I got a response from her was Saturday afternoon...

So my question is would you get cuddly and makeout with a guy you weren't attracted to or had feelings for, and can your feelings suddenly change and you not like him anymore even after you guys shared an intimate close moment?

Or am I overthinking? When should I call her and when should I set up another date?


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  • In some cases yes... she might have realized that she doesn't feel the same as you seeing as you two were in the dating phase after all and that's what the dating phase is for. To find out whether someone is your cup of tea or not. I mean, it sucks. I know the feeling. I been with several guys who also had "intimate" moments with me only to ditch me after a week or two and saying they don't feel the same :'( It sucks when it happens. But then again, in your case you should definitely talk to her about it and ask her how she's feeling.

    • She did say she wants to see me again, and she wasn't drunk before I left, and didn't want me to leave. How long should I wait to call her without looking clingy? I mean, we also talked about doing stuff in the future, and she said she's gonna help me with my classes and I left something at her house so the next morning she texted she'll give it to me when she sees me next.

      I just feel sad, or am I just crazy and creating problems in my head? Do I ask her about how she feels? Do I ask if she still likes me? Do I ask if why I feel she's acting different or if there's something wrong?

  • Personally i dont think feelings can just change like that. Although she is acting very strange, i would call her and if she seems uninterested then perhaps its not right between you. Better to know though.


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