When a girl give you her number after ignoring your hint?

I went to this girl few minths ago , she helped me and gave a copy for a card i needed , today i went to her i said to her im the ine who came to you before she said yes i remember you. She was so friendly she kept asking me if i have Twitter i told her i only have fb , i told her that i have whatsapp as a joke she looked at me and kept talking about Twitter i didn't ask her number , and i didn't get pissed when she ignore my hint , i told her about my graduation she said i thought you are empolyee i told her i will be , she is two years older than me and already doing her master and i just finished my associated degree , so it was embarrassing but she kept telling me not to give up and get a job and continue my education, she asked me about my hobbies i told her im intersted in astrology and music , she showed her paints and she said she would show me her writing too , i told her about her personality through astrology and she seemed intersted suddenly she said can i have your number i said sure she write her number in a piece of papaer i told her why dont you give me missed call she said i firgat my personaly cell phone at home and this number for work so i gave you my personal number just message me so i would know you i said i would , then i left i already told her through whatsapp that this is my number. What dies her behavior mean? Why she gave me her phone after she ignore my hint?

I just put eye drops in my eyes so dont play the role of English teacher seriouse comments only.


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  • I don't see how saying whatsapp is a hint.


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