Should I just take a leap of faith?

So... Long story short: I was recently friendzoned by my crush (about a month ago) and it felt horrible. I've never felt so embarrassed and stupid in my entire life. (I fought for her, she knew how I felt and she played me until she decided to friendzone me)
And now there's this other girl that literally walks by me every single day. She's absoluteley gorgeous. She glances at me and sometimes smiles but I guess now I kinda fear rejection and I'm having a hard time approaching her. Any advice on how to ask her out and go around this fear? Just stop her and chat her up? I know I won't lose anything if I try, I'm just having a hard time taking that chance...


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  • Well rejection happens to most people unfortunately so comfort yourself in knowing you're not alone and that is something normal too. The great news is that it becomes easier with time. After a few rejections it still is painful but you learn to take it in your stride and I personally see it as me being one step closer to the right person for me. I think best way to overcome these fears is to just remind yourself that you're firstly good enough and know what type of qualities you have. The problem isn't you, the problem was that girl who just didn't feel attraction. That doesn't mean no one else will feel attraction for you.. I'm sure you've met girls who you also weren't much attracted to to romantically... everyone has because no one can be romantically attracted to every single person out there.

    Next time you see this girl, smile at her and make eye contact. If she does the same then try to catch her alone some time and take things from there. If she rejects you, then hey, you tried and that means you're brave and secondly as I said, you are 1 step closer to the right girl. I know about rejection and it hurts.. I've experienced it so many times now :( But as I Say, it becomes a lot better with time and you should never think there's something wrong with you. Unfortunately everything that is worth having comes at a price and when it comes to love, that price is getting hurt sometimes. But that doesn't mean you won't find that special person... patience.


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  • We are all in that position right now as younger men eventually if you're not married at 30-35 then the tables turn. Now younger women want to be with us the more mature guy and women in their 30s are struggling with the weight that they aren't as desirable as when they were teenagers or in their 20s.

    You don't want to take the chance because you fear rejection, I got you, but if this new girl rejects, then guess what? There's many more girls just as beautiful as her. So get to know her and ask her to hang out, if she says no then ask 5 more girls. If she says yes then still ask out 5 more girls. You don't have to get caught up on one girl early on, sure she may be pretty but to be blunt there are more like her. Asking out a girl who says "yes" isn't even letting you in the door really so its not that big of a deal if she says no.

    When you ask a hot girl out take the approach that you'll ask many more out anyway makes rejection from one trivial. Every man and woman feels the slight of rejection, you felt it and the girl who rejected will feel it if she hasn't already. Take solace in the fact you have "unlimited opportunities" throughout your life to ask women out its just about gaining more and more experience. You will get better.