Do all interested girls act interested?

Or do some just act normally?

  • Most girls will let the guy know they're interested
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  • Most girls will just act normally or friendly
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  • About half half, some act interested, some act normal
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  • Of course not. Some act normally, and some even act as if they dislike the person they really like (I've known a few girls who are like that). However, I can't say for sure how many girls actually act this way. I don't want to make a generalization. It just depends on the girl.


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  • i usually dont tbh

    • So you just act completely normal around them like you would to any other guy?

    • basically. I'm not one to open my heart up very easily=/ i used to...

  • most girls will act normally/friendly... only girls who like to play hard to get will act like this

    • Really?

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    • when the time comes he will know.. and the right girl for him will not play hard to get

    • But he won't know which girls out of the ones he's interested in like him.

  • I'll let a guy know if i'm interested! :)

  • No. No. No. There are shy girls, you know, and they won't act like someone outgoing. You should be concentrated on little signs to see if she's interested.

    • What are those little signs.

    • furtives looks, can't stare at you, shy smiles and some interest on your life that isn't normal for a girl who isn't interested (if you have friends in common, you'll see) it's complicated.
      Can you help me please, I have a question about a guy and I really really don't know what to do?
      As a guy, you'll help me a lot, thanks !

  • I'll usually act like myself but I'll be sure to throw in things that I don't typically say to other guys throughout the day in conversation.

    Or if the guy I like is around and there's another attractive guy in the near vicinity (or if they're talking), I typically ignore the other guy and stay focused on the guy I like to make it a little bit clear that I'm not interested in any other dudes at the time.


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