GUYS! GIRLS! I like this guy, and he likes me back, one thing though, well several things?

I really like this guy, and I like him because we share the same interests, he said I have a perfect body, but didn't give me reasons why he liked me exactly? why is that? another thing yesterday he said I was cute, and then claimed that he wouldn't be ashamed of me (like show me off, he was telling me about how he's met guys that don't like to show that they're in relationships with their girlfriends, and he said if he and I were dating he wouldn't be ashamed.)

He knows my beliefs and knows I won't have sex with him, and that I'm really serious about it, and how I'm strong about my belief in Christianity, and he respects that and the way my family is over protective, but i'm confused, does he like me for my body or for me as well? or what? please help me!


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  • Honestly, no way to tell for sure. He def likes your body, but you might need to inquire past that, like what specifics of you that are not related to your body is he into, and why?


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  • It takes more time and that's that you need. Obviously he is trying to make you feel special about yourself but so far he has said nothing about your personality so if I were you I would sit down and get to know eachother better and take it from there (slowly)

    • Ok, thank you so much, I will take it slow! I don't want to be stupid and go right into this.

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    • The thing is even if you do like him you don't really know him until a while after. Most abusive relationships happen after about a year or so. They wait until your hooked and won't leave but I'm not saying he is abusive

    • true, very true, he doesn't seem like that, then again people hide their true colors. I did not think of that, thanks for the reminder! lol.

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