I got back with my ex but he is acting weird,, I can't understaned him... please help me with that ( preferbly guys opinion )?

Me and my ex broke up because thngs got ugly between us. I played a game with him cause i though he is doing this to me so i tried to b the smart ass but i was wrong and he got shocked and his reaction was even uglier.
I used the NO contact rule On him and after 30 days,, he didn't contact me either during this period then I've sent two long texts telling him that i didn't mean that and told him that that was a mistake and that was an accident!! And told him i can't forget about things we done and i mentioned 2 of great memories happened between us,,, i told him at the end : iam sorry if i hurt u I've never ever mean it if u like me still,,, i think we should have another chance together,,, thats all i wanted u to know.
After several hours he answered : come to my place and lets ,, So i went to his house he was very cool and nice we talked about good amazing things about our past and what ruin our relationship,,, we cooked together,,, played xbox,, he took cute selfies of us with his cellphone,,, listened to our favorite songs and cuddled on sofa and,,,, yes! Certainly we slept together!! He made loved to me!! It was not a sex!! It took more that 5 hours!!! He asked me to stay the night in his place and the other day he even didn't let me go home. We again cooked,, played together,,, talked... everything was fine till... my cousin sent me a text and asked me to go to a party with her... actually she insistsed!! My ex told me he wants to come so i told my cousin that if he can come and she said no!!! Just us invited to that party!! I told my bf if it bothers him i won't go but he said u can go.
But from that night i called him few times he answered once and he was ok but not as nice as before. i sent him texts he answered but again not using words like baby or honey as before.
Its about 3 days we both stop contacting eachother cuz last time he answered my call and text with just a text and i didn't answer him anymore.
Iam confused and dont know what to do.

Note : iam 27 and he is 22. We both look good and people used to call us cutest couple ever.
Plus,, he is a very stubborn guy.


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  • Chances are he is as confused as you are. Look at this way: you pushed him to open again after you broke up, you spend like 24 amazing hours together and then a chance to party appears (even if it's not a "party" per se) and you go all alone. He might be thinking that you were not that serious about getting together, or just hurt that you'd prefer to hang out with friends rather than with him. Then, there's always the chance he just wanted the sex, right? Consider all odds...

    ... at the end, all there's left is the question, so why don't you just stop with the texting and just call him and ask him, point blank? Or even better, go there and ask him in person.

    • I called him twice when i was in the party to show him i care and he just answered one of those calls,,, he was with his mates.
      Since i left his house and went to that party i was the one who made the calls and texts he just answered them!!
      2 days ago i called him once he didn't answered and i texted him like : baby? Where r u? Iam concered about you.
      He sent me a text few mins later : hii me and guys were playing volleyball n i didn't see u called.
      Well i got annoyed that he answered me like that not even called me back!
      I didn't respond to his text. Its the 3rd they not me nor him are contacting.
      Do u think its a good idea that "I" call him after all? If yes,, what i dupposed to tell him?
      Thanks a lot for helping me.

    • I'd say yes, but mostly because it's getting you all these emotions right? I mean, at one point you'll have to talk to the guy and it seems none of you is ready to make the first "let's talk" move. Don't get me wrong, I see you tried but he hasn't opened yet, maybe need to try harder but hear me out: at least for the sake of knowing if you need to wait on him, or move on. After all, if you push and he won't budge, at one point you'll just need to figure out if this is the guy you want to be with. If I was that guy, I wouldn't want you to get to that point...

    • Thanks for MHO, and GOOD LUCK!

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  • Take him to date or go by his place and ask him why things changed ;)


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