Is it a bad sign if a guy goes from dating a girl 5 x per week to once a week?

A friend of mine is concerned that her boyfriend of a couple months is losing interest in her. For the first month, he took her out 5 times a week! For the second month, he's been taking her out only once a week. She's concerned about it but I didn't know that would be a bad sign - doesn't that just mean he is busy? Why does she think he has to spend every moment with her anyway?

Update: it was a bad sign, he was losing interest in her and eventually broke up with her.


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  • I think the relationship is just becoming more comfortable. He may have also been feeling smothered going out with her so much (even if he wanted to at the time), and is stepping back a bit to feel more independent. This happened to me with my ex once, we were spending a lot of time together, and I was beginning to feel too attached. I was worried I'd lose myself, lose my friends, etc etc. So I asked to back off just a little bit. It wasn't that my feelings had changed, it was just my own worries.

    If she handles his distance well and doesn't pressure him, it'll naturally go back to the way it was I think. Whether he's losing interest or just needs some space, pushing him will make it go sour. The only thing she can do is relax about it.

    • I've tried to tell her to relax about it... Maybe now she'll listen to me with this reasoning. Thanks :)

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  • there's a misunderstood bcs itsnot tha he don like her anymore.. He likes her but now he think to slow things down and let the girl do things about him bcs since now he was doing his best.. Hope helped ;)

    • So do you mean it's her turn to initiate some dates and phone contact, etc?

    • Jut let enough space for him and everything is ok...

  • I think going out x5 a week isn't sustainable lol- unless it's just a coffee.


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  • The problem was they started spending to much time together in the beginning, the appeal wore off.

    • You mean they kinda took out the element if mystery too soon?