Any black girl here would go out with a white guy?

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  • Maybe if he gets me and understands racism still exist and will openly discus it with me. I had a conversation with my ex (white Israeli born, lived in the us all of his life with a white family) about racism, and the things he wasn't getting, the things he doesn't see. I end up crying and having an anxiety attack, because it just became clear that no matter how much I loved him, he could not see why things upset me. I tried to explain and he just told me racism doesn't exist today... It hurt me so bad, I told him I would not date a white guy again. I can't deal with someone like that. If you understand, I have no problems with dating you.

    • I know racism still exists - i am not in the US however :)
      I am against Israel's foreign policy but have nothing against jews as people.

      Problem with US racism is that it is everywhere that it has become invisible, institutionalized.
      People are racist without even noticing they are.
      The job interview experiment was a real proof of that.

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    • Thanks for mho :)

    • no problem xD

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  • yeah I don't see why not

  • pretty much any black girl on here would take a white guy from what I've seen

    • Look up, i got one who says she won't =\

    • prettybama is one of the few exceptions on here. i was about to include that in my answer.

  • Any black girl here would go out with a white guy?

    -I'm sure they would. Not like I care or I am for it though.

  • Pretty sure they will love this question

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