4 month relationship 2 months sexless?

So I've been dating this girl whom I know I love, I could see myself marrying her. The first few months were normal. Lots of kissing love making and such, then she became more and more distant now she doesn't even kiss me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. If I don't kiss her or say I love you I don't hear it. It's agonizing, I'd rather her leave me then continue to torture me further. What do I do?

Yea she left me today. Go figure , guess I know what this means now


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  • If the relationship has gone south it's BC one or both have changed or are not putting what they used to into it. Maybe examine yourself and see how you can go back to the start... See if you can fix anything. If you've tried this, then try talking to her. If she's close minded unfortunately you can't change someone else. They have to want to change to help the situation... Good Luck!


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  • Sounds like the relationship is on its way out. I'd bounce.