If I think a hang out didn't went well with a girl, do you think I'm in all liklihood right?

I met the girl I like. She laughed at some of my lame jokes, but that was pretty it for the positive vibes.

The negative things were overwhelming:
- She wore simple clothes. Nothing fancy at all.
- She looked down a lot. Not a lot of eye contact
- No mirroring at all.
- No preening at all.

I told about how I will go to vacation. At the end she said I should give her a call when I come back from vacation. And then I retard ruined it all:
She: "You can give me a call when you come back."
Me: "And then we will meet again?"
She: smiled but said nothing at all
Me (retard): "If you don't have time, then we don't have to meet. You don't have to think nothing of it"

I would want to facepalm myself. And the whole time I had to run my hands through my hair. >.<

She doesn't like me, right? And I ruined my chances by being a turn off right? I don't need sugarcoating. Please be honest

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  • Those actually seem like fine signs to me...

    A. Maybe she's shy I can't actually garuntee she's shy since she was looking down all the time... she was prob nervous too...

    B. She may have dressed simple so it wasn't obvious she "dressed up" for you.. especially for a hangout there is such a gray area on what to wear when a guy asks you to "hang" she prob didbt wanna over do it... AND woman like to save the really nice outfits for dates... if she went all out the first day shed have fuck all to impress you with later on!

    The comment u made about hanging was obviously accepted by her since she smiled and if she didn't like you she would NOT say to call her... trust me you have a fair shot with this girl.. confidence is key. If i didn't like a guy like that I wouldn't of told him to call.

    Make sure your not to eger though... playing a bit cool is smart.. everyone likes a bit of a chase.


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