Last night, my crush said that he loves me more than anyone that he has ever loved. Help please!!!?

Okay, so I met a guy 2 months ago. He's my classmate (college). I had a crush on him from the very moment I spoke to him. Later on we started talking and exchanged phone numbers, mail ids etc, we used to chat all the time because we felt a connection from the very first time we met. He's really nice and has all those qualities that I have wished to see in a potential partner. but the problem is that we're still in college and we have a long way to go and grow in our careers. we both agree on this. But last night while we were texting, he said he loved from the very first moment he saw me, for the first time he said that to me. I like him a lot too and we both understand each other very well and we have tonnes in common and he's the best person I've ever met. He's the nicest and sweetest. But when he popped the question whether I love him back, I couldn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt his feelings in whatsoever way. Now, if there is anyone in this community who can help me out and give me proper suggestions? Please help me out!!! by the way he's 23 and I'm 20.

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  • Guys fall in love faster than women.
    And the less u say it the more he'll think he's in love (hurt by rejection) lol

    U wouldn't stress too much about it, if he really loved u. He'll show it instead of just saying it.

    My last 6 ex's I never once said love to them. I'd just show it instead, doing little things here and there


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