Girl give you her number on a paper?

After chating with me , she gave me her number , she said she forgot her phone at home , and she was using her work number and she gave me her real number, i told her at whats app thats me , and she still didn't replay?


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  • give her some time. unless you were "seenzoned?". were you?

    • No she didn't see it yet last seen Saturday

    • okay well then there's your answer. she hasn't checked it yet.

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  • Did you actually CALL her? Or try to do the whole stupid texting thing?

    • Texting

    • CALL! That's what a phone is for! What is with all this people hiding behind text? Get out in the real world, man up, and go to her and talk to her.

    • She said that she is having a night classes until 9 , so i thought calling her after that its not a good idea.

  • Call her, just don't text.

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