Why did a girl ask whether I knew certain people when I met her? Do you think she was looking for mutual friends to find me on facebook?

We were in a social context... I no longer have Facebook though so she'll have a job. Anyway she stopped when she found one firm mutual friend. If she can't find me on Facebook do you think she'll stalk the mutual friend to try and find photos and posts including me?

Also she was clearly very attracted to me.

English slag: "she'll have a job" = "she'll find it very difficult"


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  • Eh, I honestly doubted. Maybe she was just looking for some common ground or seeing how you guys connected socially,


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  • I don't think she will go threw all that trouble if she has already found a mutual friend off of your fb account when it was activated then i think she would just do the same off the friend she just added look at there account to see if they have any friends in common if you like her i would just make another account I don't know how thats gonna effect her job if you guys don't talk about her job or post anything about it in a way I don't know why anyone would post job stuff on a personal Facebook account because people are gonna post what they like and its not her fault weather or not someone doesn't like it i just wouldn't post job stuff on Facebook or a personal friends and family account make a separate Facebook for jobs


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