Does she want more than friendship with me?

This married girl I used to work with and I are friends. We only worked together a few times physically, but we always hit it off. She is a natural flirt, and always laughed at like everything I said. One day she emailed me out of the blue and we started chatting frequently. When I left over a year ago, I walked into her bank I was going to say hi but she was with a customer so I waved. By the time I got back to my car she had already emailed me excited to see me said we need to grab lunch me her and younger mutual guy friend. The lunch never happens but I ran into him and he said they went. I'm pretty sure he is friends with it knows her husband well bc they are Facebook friends. So her and I still chat frequently on email mostly me initiating it but she'll chat with me over the course of a few days. I mentioned lunch and she said yes, she was busy and it never happened. I emailed her one day and told her I was meeting a different mutual guy friend for lunch and that she should come. She said yes but cancelled day before. A few Fridays ago she emails my personal email at 11pm from her personal email which i didn't have. The subject had a ;) and the email had a link to a YouTube vid about hot girls being crazy. It also had her name and cell phone#. Almost like a signature. I text her and we started talking. I mentioned lunch and she said yes! I had to cancel on her that morning bc something came up. What do you think she wants from me?


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  • I think she wants sex. She probably has a loving husband at home but let's face it, some girls aren't pleased with just one. I wouldn't try anything because she is married but just wait it out and see her intentions


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  • Ehhhhh this is tough, but she was probably drunk (11pm on a Friday) and just looking for attention. She backs out of meeting you out every time there's some kind of "date", and the "dates" that were set up were always with another guy as opposed to a one-on-one. I would shrug this one off, and chalk it up to her just wanting someone to chase her a little bit so she knows she's still attractive to other men.

    Plus, she's married. If she did anything with you and left her husband, chances are good that she would do the same thing to you in the future.

    • Thanks, not looking to date her for sure not. We had a date to meet last week for lunch, but I canceled on her this time. And the cell phone number included in her email was like what? lol

    • Heh, you both keep cancelling on each other. The only reason I'd pursue at this point is if she has any good looking friends that you'd like to meet.