Would you date a guy who thinks it insulting to another guy to call him a woman? (i know lots of guys do this but not all do)?

just curious if this is a deal breaker to you.

it is for me. it shows me he has is bigoted and will not understand or be cable of respect.

I mean if the guy you like, calls another guy a Woman as an insult.


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  • That is not enough to determine whether or not the guy is bigoted. If he considers women inferior, then sure, that is a good indicator that there will be some respect issues. But if he interprets a man calling him a woman to be an insulting gesture, it doesn't necessarily mean that. Because chances are the man that calls him a woman does in fact mean it as an insult. The man doing the insulting is the bigoted one here, him interpreting it as an insult is just an awareness that it was intended as such.

    So really, if they guy in question uses the term 'woman' as a derogatory term to insult other guys, then yeah, it should be a dealbreaker. If he is called a woman by another guy and takes offence, then I don't think that should be. It is a difference in intent vs awareness.

    • i meant calling another guy woman. sorry:)

    • You are saying that the guy you are interested in calls other men 'woman' as a form of insult? Then yes, I would consider that a dealbreaker. He inherently thinks the traits that constitute femininity are inferior to those that constitute masculinity, and therefore you would have to conclude that any respect he showed women was done in a way to get something from them, and not because of some internal view of equality.

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  • This is one of those times when people take political correctness too far.
    Getting mad over a harmless comment... you're acting like a real woman right now.

  • Women don't like being called men either. It's got more to do with the "eww im not a boy they have cooties" playground thing than it does sexism. Hardly makes someone a bigot, sounds like you are thinking way too much into it.

    • sounds like you don't think enough.

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    • i would lose respect for someone when they behave in disrespectful manner and disrespecting a group in particular is beyond a turn off. it enters the realm of world view we simply won't get along.

      its no different to me than a person calling someone ashy of the words you can think of denoting persons of this or that race or faith or ethnicity. i think it is ignorant and entitled and irresponsible to reduce it to cooties.

    • Nah, I think alot. The matter of the fact is everyone acts in a disrespectful manner at some point. Women ARE physically weaker, it's a biological fact. Men use this to insult eachother because instinctively we want to be strong and physically powerful. Men also have hormones that increase hair growth and create a different, more agressive nature. Women use this to single out girls who appear to be more manly.

      I find it strange that you judge people who use insults, it's almost asif you have never insulted someone in your life. Every single insult is derogatory, that's what insults are. So if you use any insult, you are "denotin persons of this or that race or faith or ethnicity". Hence why I said you're thinking into it too much. It sounds like you have personal issues with men seeing women as physically weaker (which they are). This is making you sensationalize the issue so it seems bigger than it actually is. The same way media blow things out of proportion to get views.

  • Yes, I would totally date him, if I was gay.

  • I don't know many women that would be flattered by being called a man, even the tomboyish ones.

    • missing the point.

      i wouldn't date a woman who insulted women by calling them men either but that isn't the point. its demeaning to the group you're tossing around as an insult.

    • It sounded at 1st like he didn't like to be called a woman.

  • 1.) I don't date guys.

    2.) Calling another man a woman is not an insult, it's a challenge. It's saying that he has no balls. Whatever pointless implications people want to make about it are irrelevant, if a man tells another man he's a woman, he's saying that the other man is more likely to have a dick inside of him than have his in someone else.

    • guys call guys women as a way of saying they are weak or emotional... its a comment on women not the guy. you could just say you have no balls. or call each other eunuchs. not 'women'.

      if you don't date guys there's no reason for you to respond.

    • How about I keep it really fucking simple.

      If you are pissed off over something as trivial and pointless as this, you should stay single until you get your own shit straight. Enjoy making other people miserable.

    • Ok, I have to agree with this guy. If something this tiny is that big of a deal to you you are too emotional.

  • It is insulting to call a man a woman. If a woman were being called a man, she would also be insulted.

    • no. its insulting bc it refers to weakness. not bc out displaces your sex. this is why it is noir a typical insult for women to use against other women. no one calls a woman a man bc it wouldn't mean anything demeaning.

      im not friends with women who call women girly as an insult either.

      there are plenty of ways to insult people without invoking groups of people into it.

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    • anyhow if you don't date men why are you responding. lol people who can't answer the question are answering. i guess deep down you both know its wrong so you're feeling defensive.

    • Men are suppose to be stronger than women, that is just a fact. Calling a man a woman, means he has failed as a man by not being strong enough. Women are suppose to be able to have babies. If she can't have babies, and is called a man, she would be insulted that she failed as a woman. Men and women are just biologically different. No amount of political correctness will ever change that.

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  • My best friend is a guy, and he used to do this a lot. He'd even say it to me, haha
    I explained to him that while I know he's joking, it's actually kind of offensive, and not exactly progressive in terms of feminism and respecting women.
    I explained that to him, but in fewer/different words... Haha
    We cool now. Calmly educating someone is sometimes all it takes.

    • yeah i actually had a similar experience recently... though couldn't be sure if he was just saying he saw things differently bc he didn't want men to have a negative view of him. but he did say he doesn't do it anymore. which is cool.

      and it isn't as if i was all mad at him. i just explained why i thought it was demeaning and damaging. especially if you think of young girls still figuring out who they are and what their strengths are. plus boys shouldn't grow up thinking woman epitomizes weak. its no good for anyone.

      if you have half a bran you could come up with an original insult I'm sure. pussy bitch girl.. its all pretty old and tired. definitely lacks poetry. lol

      but being friends with and dating a guy is different. if a friend stopped doing it its one thing, but i couldn't get involved with a guy who just stopped talking a certain way bc its wrong bc he still has the view he's just controlling it...

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    • its possible he didn't have any strong female role models and i don't want to get involved with someone hacking to take that on. its not a challenge i want in a romantic relationship.

    • Well that's true, there's a difference between dating a guy and being friends with a guy. But when I explained things to my friend, he really realized what he was saying. We've all said things out of habit without thinking of the true meaning of our words. That's why I said that sometimes people just need a little education. If I was dating a guy and he said something to me like "wow, stop being such a girl about it", I'd just calmly explain to him why that's kind of offensive. If he realizes why, then great, one more person with a more thoughtful, open mind. If not, well then he's probably not worth my time. You can't change everyone, but if you go in calmly, respectfully, and with an open-mind, you can make a big difference.

  • That is pretty insulting. . . I'd hate if someone called me a man. You don't have a leg to stand on this one hun. I'd date a guy who finds that insulting.

    • i didn't ask you if youd date a guy who found it insulting. i asked you if you'd date a guy who used out as an insult.

      yes you'd also be insulated being called an elephant I'm sure. but that isn't the point. you don't call women men to express that they are weak or incompetent. or inferior. you might use out to make them feel unattractive but this is not about the integrity of a human being.

    • What's wrong with being weak? I can't lift 250lbs. You might be able to, but that would be oddly manly of you. ._.

  • I hate that, whever my boyfriend would do that I would ask if he was ashamed of me. When he answered no, I'd ask him why because obviously being a woman is just so incredibly bad that it's insulting

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