Have you broken up with someone, the moment you found out there were sexual compatibility issues?

Have you broken up with someone, the moment you found out there were sexual compatibility issues?

No hard feelings.
You just believe that in order for things to truly work out long term, you both have to have about the same desires.

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Would you break up over this?
I would imagine that sexual compatibility is just as important as character--you have to have the whole package for success.

I find it interesting that more of the girls said "Yes" than the guys.


Most Helpful Girl

  • no. this question assumes your desires will be fixed all your life, and i do not believe in that. i don't get turned on by the same things i did when i was 15, 18, or even 23. time passed, i changed and so did my preferences.

    there's this belief that as a couple, you grow. you learn more about each other, likes, dislikes, make compromises, and stay together. if we can make compromises in how we love, why can't we do that about sex? or does it literally overarch every thing in the relationship?

    women who claim that sexually compatibility is the end all struggle with sexual insecurities so much that it becomes a pivotal focus in their life. and if i were a man, i'd avoid batshiz crazy.

    • Ok
      I'm wondering what you mean by "compromise".

    • Your response makes me wonder...
      Do some of us have fixed desires, while others have dynamic ones?

      Do we have untapped parts of our brain in different stages of life, that develop our preferences?

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What Girls Said 4

  • There's a guy I've known for a long time and we've always really liked each other and we made out and he just wasn't a good kisser at all. So now I would rather not pursue anything further just because kissing is so passionate and its a big thing in a relationship. I've tried to teach him to be better but there's no hope :(

  • I would break up for worse things like intellectual incompatibility and ethical/moral incompatibility. Those are just 2 things that are not negotiable for me.

    • I would imagine that it all comes together.

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    • Right, but there a number of things, that for the relationship to work out as a whole, that need to be spot on.
      This includes sexual preferences and personality traits ( which in and of itself, includes ethics)

    • Yes, I have said that more or less.
      As long as they are constantly seeking to be a decent human being and healthier physically and emotionally (since we all can be less than charming at times or get unhealthy for a variety of reasons) then it's good. :)
      If somebody doesn't like me, then that's just their problem. I can't and don't care enough to change anyone, I have my own problems to deal with.

  • Before we got to actually dating we realized we were both subs so we stopped talking.

    • How did you realize it?

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    • Idk, the sub guy category I guess?

      It's just the way you wrote that, it felt a bit... whats the word... maternal? lol

    • Yeah. I assumed you were because you seem super interested in sub man problems lol

  • Good sex matters to us too.

    • Doesn't it to everyone?

What Guys Said 1

  • Not 'as soon as'. I would be keen to investigate compromises and alternatives first.

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