I Blew It... Depression?

I had (and still have) a really big crush on a girl. I got her number and tried to ask her to hang out, but she did not bite. She has never initiated anything. Now that we are back in school, I have pretty much become her homework go-to helper. I know I have no chance, but what can I do? I'm really sad, I still think she was the greatest thing (personality, not looks, that is what matters for me).

For better or worse, I'm a nice guy. When I first tried to get her, I did a good job not being one, but now I am deeply in that category. :( Any tips would be really appreciated to cheer me up a bit.


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  • BRO!!! Don't give up, If you were an ass before who care, say sorry to her when you are alone and tell her you want to make it up to her, and plan something nice where it's like the 2 of you along getting to know each other better


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