I'm worried about his intentions?

I just started seeing a guy again who I haven't been seeing in about 9 months because things ended because I wanted something committed and he wasn't ready and not over an ex. we've seen each other once so far after he called me multiple times to get back in touch, and it was wonderful until the end. I was a bit intoxicated and got kind of confused when we were saying bye. he said it was great to see me and I kind of immediately blurted out something along the lines of well when am I going to hear from you/ talk to you again/etc he immediately tensed up I remember, and I would never have acted like this if I had been more in my right mind, I was just so nervous about seeing him again, and I think he knew that. he told me within the week but then mumbled something about "maybe this is why it didn't work before" or whatever. before this when we were kissing after spending the day together he told me he liked me, but when I asked him what he wanted he said he didn't know. before this, when I would ask him this about a year ago when we were first seeing each other he was pretty adamant about letting me know he did not want a relationship, so I somewhat took this response as a good sign, is that weird? he also wanted me to stay at his place until he got back later, but I wanted to go home. anyway, I called him later and apologized for giving him the 20 questions treatment, but told him I want to hang out I just feel weird about it, he told me to call him when I didn't feel weird about it. I really want to be with him, but I'm scared about his intentions and I know his past break up (it will be almost 2 years since it happened) was incredibly hard on him.

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We didn't have sex or anything when we saw each other btw, and he never pushed anything physical


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  • Stop reading too much into nothing. Just take it slow and one day at a time.

    • lol it's hard when you're into some one, you know us girls read into everything...