What would you do if you didn't feel the same way about your partner?

I met this guy that I really liked at first, but things changed once he asked me out. He started getting really clingy and talks about our future together all the time. Not just like in two years down the road from now, but 20 years from now. He talks about us starting a family, we're only 18...

I don't wanna hurt him, so should I break things off now? I mean I'm gonna crush him either way. I don't want too, but I don't know if I should give him longer of being happy and just suck it up, or if I should just break things off now while we've only been together for a month.

What would y'all guys want for your girl to do in this situation? Would y'all wanna break things off right away if one if y'all didn't wanna be together now?


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  • Yeah, might as well break things off now before he gets really deep into it and things become worse.