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I've been messing around with my best friend for a long time now. We both don't talk to people of the opposite sex. Everyone said he liked me. We got in a pretty verbal fight when I was drunk, which I regret, and I can't really remember what happened. After that time he started being weird, and it took awhile to patch things up, but we did. He tells me he loves me, and that I'm his best friend, but when the topic of dating comes up he says he only likes me as a friend, but his actions say otherwise. I don't know like I really think he likes me deep down, and I just don't know if I should trust my instincts, or just pursue another guy. We've had this talk and he claims that he used to like me before the fight, only a little bit, but now he doesn't. Even though it still seems like he does. Am i just being a girl, and reading into things?


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  • What''re you doing right now?
    What've you done in the past?
    Messing around == Fucking? Sucking? Kissing?
    What actions?
    He may like you, but maybe only as a friend (ie: he realized when he fought with you, that that's not something he wants with someone he's dating). But its difficult to tell from what you've told us.
    Mostly, I think you're over-analyzing things, like a girl.

    • Like we've had sex... and we text everyday, and if i don't initiate then he does. Stuff like that. We'll go out to eat and he'll pay. He like told me to let him in and shit, and now i just feel really pathetic for doing that, and allowing myself to get played.

    • So, he talks to you, and buys you food and hangs out with you... and you're just mad because he's not fucking you / dating you?

      And you're free to go find that somewhere else?

      A lot of women have bad BFs who won't even do those things for them, even when they're screwing the guy black-and-blue.

      Ask him again if he doesn't want to be friends with benefits or date, before you put your shingle out to find someone who will fuck you senseless - then go do it.

  • Maybe he just wants a bed buddy and physical pleasure. The question is, what do YOU want?


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