Should I Give Up on this or is it fixable?

Ok guys long story so bare with me. a few weeks ago i asked this girl out that i worked with and i really liked. she said yes but i didn't really set a date. following the three day rule i texted her three days later just trying to have a casual conversation. she didn't reply. a few days later i texted her trying to set the date. once again no reply. so i call her the next day leave a message. that night i get really upset because i figured i got rejected. understand that it wasn't the getting rejected that bothers me understand that rejection will happen from time to time that's just life. it was the fact that ( at least in my head) she didn't even have the nerve to reject me outright. my friends seeing i was distraught gave me the idea to send her a strongly worded text telling her how i felt about being rejected in such manner. i was very upset and the message was rather long and a bit harsh. well the next day (i had sent my angry message at 2 am) she replies and tells me she's sorry and that her stepdad had just died and she didn't want to talk to anyone. so i apologized and offer my help such as you offer the grieving and that was that. we have since not communicated we both left work me for school her for another job with better hours. here's the problem i can't stop thinking about her. she was the first girl i ever really went after and i blew it by being impatient. it's been about three weeks and everything just sets me off i can't stop thinking about her i her a voice that sounds like hers i turn around even though i know it isn't her. everyday i scroll to her number on my phone but i can't bring myself to delete it. i just keep thinking that i can salvage it. but overall i think i ran out of time and just plain screwed it. what do y'all think.


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  • Well, I wouldn't give up but I'd give her the time and space she needs to grieve. If you guys were closer I'm sure she would ask you to be her shoulder to cry on. For now I would be patient and wait for her to reach out to you. The most you could do is text her or call her a few times (maybe once every other day) and ask her how she's doing or if she needs anything. If she's interested in you too she'll really appreciate it. Its the little things that guys do that girls really appreciate and remember. Just be patient with her, she's going through a rough time right now.


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  • Yeah You messed up... but the outcome would've been different if you didn't use that stupid 3day rule. Note for the future if you are really feeling the girl you text her later that day about going out or latest the next day.

  • Delete it! If you can't do it then get a friend to do it for you. Time to move on


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