So I hooked up with a guy Sat he told me to text him , should i? He said he had fun and kept talking about next time?

Hmmm dont see y there is a neex for more info


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  • If he is talking about 'Texting' for seconds down the line, then he most likely had 'fun in the sun' and doesn't want it to end.
    By reading more into it, which I am sure is more than meets the eye, it was a roll in the hay and you are debating going back for another round. And of course that would have to be your choice to either nip it in the bud altogether by just putting him on your pay no mind list or----Setting the record straight by telling him you don't want to 'Fun' like this, but maybe do something else instead.
    It's enlightening to know at least that you were not some one nite stand. However, for I am not really knowing how you feel about him, where you really 'Stand,' if you want things to go further, Play your cards differently with him if you want------A neex.
    Good luck. xx


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  • its very possible he's just saying that because he wants to hook up with you again, if you are okay with that then go for it, but I don't think you are

  • He (most likely) wanted a repeat. He might also say that in order to let you down easy, but it's far easier to just disengage if you're actually not interested.

    If you're down for doing it again, then text him.

    If it was a one-night stand then ignore him, or tell him that.

    But, don't ignore him if he's a 'maybe when I'm bored', in that case, text him and tell him that you're not interested now, but might be in the future - and that you'd like updates from him (like, if you care if starts dating someone, etc).


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  • If you want to see him again, sure. Just have to figure out what you want.

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