How long into a relationship (dates) before you call quits?

So say you just started dating someone and you realize you don't like him/her as much as you'd like, approximately how many dates into the relationship do you normally realize this and what do you do - do you end it or see where it goes?

Just from observation I have noticed that some couples I know date but at the same time they're not 100% into each other. So I wonder do they date each other due to lack of options, scared to risk breaking up, etc.

Personally, if I was not interested in the guy I'd end it and move on. Why waste each others time, right?

One more question:
Do you always feel excited or look forward to seeing your SO? If not, when did this enthusiasm/excitement end?



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  • If I'm not into it, or think there are way more negatives than positives, then I'll end it. I don't want my time wasted, nor do I want to string someone along.

    Depends how intense dates are before I can figure this out, and how many mind-games/BS they're pulling. If they're straightforward, and know themselves, then this can go pretty quickly. If I have to pull teeth, if they're lying about stuff and trying to manipulate me, then it can take longer.

    • Thanks for your response. Could you answer one more question - Do you always look forward to your dates?

    • I think so. It's been awhile since I've been in heavy rotation, and what I remember was looking forward to them - but I'm not sure that's 100% accurate.

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  • you know really fast when you both are being "real" . No games, otherwise it is a complete waste of time for both sides.

    • Thanks for your response! But what I wanted to know was how long does it take you to realize you're not interested in the other person and do you always feel excited or look forward to your dates after dating that person for a while?

    • oh ok, yes, I always feel excited or look forward to a date if I'm into the guy. Usually, I know within the first 3 dates whether I want to continue dating. The enthusiasm/excitement never ends after that point. I listen to my gut instinct. If I'm no longer feeling it, then I don't waste anymore time with him. In fact, it's better to say it early because then no 'deep feelings' actually had a chance to develop yet. Does that answer your question better?

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