How do I get a boyfriend?

I am in a cycle of going on dates, hooking up, waiting for nothing to happen. Do guys not respect me for being so open sexually? Should I pretend to not be a sexual being for a guy completely interested in me to commit? Or compromise on the most attractive guys not being able to commit?


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  • The truth sucks, doesn't it? Sounds like you already know the answer.

    The most attractive dudes get laid the most. Obviously because sexually liberated women like you hand it out to them like candy. That being the case, why would they want to settle down when they can get X number of women to hand out candy as well? They're young, having fun, sowing their seed...

    They fact that you sleep around makes you look bad but I'm sure there are plenty of other dudes that would give you the chance. Unfortunately you find these guys to be "compromises" although they are the ones that would ultimately give you what you truly desire- a relationship.

    Stop looking at the surface. Dig a little deeper.


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  • Just make it clear to your potential partner what you want. Make sure they are open to future commitment before you waste time on them if a relationship is what you ultimately want. The problem could be as simple as you just picking from the same pool of guys who aren't interested in anything deeper relationship wise. Try being clearer with what you want. Those that aren't cool with it will leave and those that are looking for the same will stay.

  • buy one then LOL


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