This guy I met is so hard to read! Does he want what I want?

Recently I met this super awesome guy online. At first I was a little weary of him and not that interested but after video chatting late into the night and finally meeting in person for dinner and a movie, I totally like him. He is exactly what I want in a guy. He's such a gentleman, super sweet, funny, dorky, and not only respects me but has the same beliefs and morals as me. He has told me he is interested but he really wants to take things slow. Like waaay slow. He doesn't want to rush into things like he did with his last relationship. He tells me that if things don't work out between us we could be good friends. He's always asking me to come hang out with him and his friends and play games, which shows that he wants to see more of me. But sometimes he doesn't reply to text messages. Even if I ask a question he doesn't answer unless I send a different message. He recently got me in LoL and he Skype calls me and we play together, but he's very persistent in taking things slow and wanting to get to know me better. Part of me keeps wondering if he doesn't like me as a potential partner and is just trying to be nice, but the other part of me thinks he really does like me but doesn't want to ruin things. I'm just not sure how to handle this type of situation. I feel like I bug him a lot when I text him because I'm usually the one texting first, but I'm just not sure. I could just be paranoid but advice on what to do to make sure that this could work would be helpful!


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  • he got you into LoL? hahaa noice :D well just respect him when he says he wants to take it slow and you take it slow as well. i wouldn't push any topics on him that steer towards the "where do you see us? how do you see us?" questions. just enjoy what you have at the moment because it really sounds like that is what he wants and if it can workout that way then maybe he will realize it can workout in a relationship, hence why he wants to take it slow and see if you can indeed just be friends like this and not try to get answers out of him or figure him out or anything like that.

    • Thanks that's super helpful! Yeah I downloaded LoL because I knew he loved it and I ended up loving it. We play against bots together while we Skype call.

    • hahaa I used to do that when I was super bored, 1v5 bots lol. enjoy the slaying!

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  • The fact that he mentioned he wants to take things really slow kind of sums this up for me. I don't think you have too much to worry about, he probably is interested in you and from what you shared it seems like he is. I agree with Bert, don't push relationship questions. Remember: he wants to keep it slow. Enjoy the time you have to get to know him, most guys aren't like that. There's no need to rush anything and you may even find stuff that you don't like about him, which is also good.

    • I mean I guess I know he does like me, I'm just the type of girl that never gets asked out so I keep wondering if he REALLY likes me. He is only the second guy I've ever tried to be in a relationship with. And I like what you said about there being no need to rush!

    • I understand where you are coming from :) I don't think you have to worry, if he wasn't into you then he wouldn't bother giving you the time of day.

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