Guys: how do you act when you're with a shy or closed up girl?

So my best friend is going on a date with a really cute and nice guys she met on saturday. I'm pretty sure she wants me to hook up with one of his friends (cute ones), according to her on of his friends liked me and that was the reason he sat beside me ( we sat on a coach). But he didn't talk to me or anything, so that didn't make any sense.
Anyway, if we end up going on a double date or what ever i know im going to "blow" it in some sort of way. I say weird or negative things and i get very closed up in a way. and i use very long time to open up to people, normally a year or so. But my best friend is very charming and very easy to talk to, so for her its easy. So i feel like even if i met the perfect guy i will mess it up in some way. I dont know what to do and i feel like im going to be single forever. So guys do you understand or see if a girl is closed up or shy? Do you continue to talk to her and se if she open up? or do you just move on and find a girl thats easier to talk to?


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  • I try to relate because I used to be that way. I crack bad jokes and we'll both know they're bad but we'll laugh anyway. I won't try to poke too much fun of the person, but I'll mention something about myself that I know she'll have to say, "oh no you're not bothering me!" or I'll say I'm ugly or something expecting her to object lol..


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  • il move on after few mins if im not going anywhere with her


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