Once a friend, always a friend?

So, this is my fate, my ultimate destiny, huh? The girl I love, only sees me as a friend, and, according to everyone else, that will never change... Fine then, you have one, all of you, the world, reality, you finally broke me, my spirit. The one thing that makes me want to live, and I cannot have it. Fine then, I have truly given up, hope, kindness, happiness, all lies. As far as everyone is concerned, she won't ever love me, never, and, if this is the cruel reality, then what is the point? What is the point when all that exists are cruel realities? Hehe doesn't matter, I won't ever love again, i cannot, my heart is closed, my soul ripped apart. I have lost my heart, my core, she won't love me. What more could you people take from me? How much more could you break me? Either way, I finally realize, this, this destiny of pain, that is my future. I know I will die alone. Thank you, I finally see, that there is no hope.


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  • Did you tell her how you feel or even ask her how she feels?


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  • Bro, listen here. There ARE other girls. You act like this has happened to you an incredible amount of times which is probably not true. I hope you realize that the girl who rejected you only came into your life from pure circumstance. And that's how you'll fine the next girl, and if that doesn't work out either, the next and the next and the next.

    All types of people in the world have partners, from assholes to nerds to ugly people to unlucky people to hot people to successful people to poor people to fat people. It is never going to be impossible to ever find a girl, and all you have to do is start over. Think about how long you really pursued this "love". Think about how much time you have left. Think about what mistakes you could have made. And focus on finding the next girl. You control your own destiny, man.

    • Sure, there are other girls. They almost certainly aren't as good, though. Then what? Just put on a fake smile and settle for a relationship of quiet desperation with someone who means absolutely nothing to you?

      That's why there's just got to be a way out of the friend zone, because sometimes the only alternative is being forever alone or in a miserable, passionless relationship with someone you "moved on" to, aka settled for.

    • No. If she didn't love him back in the first place then he doesn't really know what it's like to have truly loved. The girl who friend zoned him is like 1 in 300 so all he has to do is get to know 300 more girls (including ones he already has known) and he'll find another.

    • Eh, I don't think so. I think some girls really are one of a kind and you just won't find another like them anywhere. I think sometimes a guy can meet the kind of girl he's always wanted, but before he's ready to act on it. And if you mess up, sometimes it doesn't get any better. They're either not as attractive, not as interesting, not as smart, not as special. Usually all of them. The ones that are left just aren't as good. And besides, maybe he could have got her if he presented himself better, or already knew how to be a better version of himself. I don't see why that doesn't help people get out of the friend zone - to go away for a little while, try to become good enough, and then try again when you are a new and improved version of you.