Why girls are so confusing? Why they can't just speak their minds?

So new supervisor from another department start working with me on a project. She gave all the signals like punching, asking help for seriously silly questions, stare to the point that I feel it sometimes awkward while talking, notices my smallest moves, will come talk to me from other part of the work place. She yells silly stuff from distance and if I say sorry she will come to my station and tells it again, she never talk about her past or other guy, she winked sometimes and what not.

I ask her out to have a drinks as a friendly meeting. She didn't bother to reply. Next time I see her, the very first thing she says" I got the message and think its sounds great but I have to work on Sunday. ( which is highly not possible).

Everything is the same but the only difference I noticed that she doesn't stand very close to me anymore on a break. However she always stand in a way so I can see her.

She is friendly with everyone but she never touches someone's arm or touch someone in a very casual manner.

I don't know what the hell is on her mind? You know I think she ignored to text back so that's what my answer.

Why is she touching, winking again? I don't want to ask her again as she didn't suggested any other time but it may be because there were people at that time in the room. What does she want me to do? Why so much confusion?


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  • Because she realized how obvious she was being about her crush on someone is superior to (in the workplace) and doesn't want to risk her job. It was inappropriate and her emotions allowed her to think it was ok... until u asked her out. Then her brain kicked in. Jobs are hard to come by now and days.

    • If it was you, what is a chance that you and the guy (whom you ignored upon asking) go in your car to a McDonald and you treat him with a meal?

      What is a chance that you would explain something to that guy so he doesn't feel bad. While doing it you will make various kind of awww faces?

      Please tell me the girl's point of view.

    • I dont understand what you mean by treat with a meal.
      I would explain the situation and the truth when he approached me again, alone.

    • I mean you pay for his meal. She told me " I would never say no to you for something" when I asked if she is comfortable with me to go grab a bite to eat on a break.

      I am asking this as I think girls would ignore again or just say no if they ignore to go out previously. I do want to talk her out about this but in process I don't want to say either that it didn't make a difference to me when she ignored me. It did hurt me.

      She is not opening up as she is my boss and I do understand that its scary for a girl to be honest with their feelings on a job as some asswholes do take it in a wrong way and label the girl as being slut or desperate.

      At least I just dont want to be reason of the awkward ness to the point that we won't even talk with each other in future.

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  • As a woman who always speaks my mind I'm here to say not all guys want that. They say they do but it seems they don't. I've told guys I'm interested and I'd like to get to know them better but I always get the same line "Let's just be friends". I've got a long list if guys wishing they were in their shoes but nope the ones I REALKY want freak out.
    Careful what you wish for because the day it happens you're going to get super shy and not know what the hell to do.

    • @I've told guys I'm interested and I'd like to get to know them better but I always get the same line "Let's just be friends".

      there is no way of knowing it was bc you were honest. if they were not interested they would either say nothing or respond to your saying something... if you had said nothing it does not mean they would ask you out. wanting to be friends could be bc thats all they wanted. not bc you being direct turned them off.

  • not everyone is direct. plenty of guys are not direct. though if she said she wanted to hang out then its in her court. you asked outs her turn. she's not being deceptive she's just not acting quickly.

  • She could be a serious flirt. Some women are like that, especially in the workplace.

  • Some girls arnt as confident as others / guyes


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  • So she only acts this way towards you and not other guys? Does she still do all the touching your arm and other flirty stuff even AFTER you asked her out?

    If she does, I would ask her out again because all signs says she at the very least enjoys your company. If she declines you again, then she probably isn't interested in you and just wants your attention. In which case you just ignore her or use to your advantage ;)

    • Well she is supervisor so she rotates or does go out of my sight. I don't know what she does with other guys when I am not there.

      I do remember one incident when she came out of nowhere and grabbed my feet and smiled. When one of my other co worker did the same in front of me she said firm "no" to him.

      The first day after asking her out, she touched m y arms twice and she put her arm on my shoulder and said you look tired. She didn't stand near me that day but when we were Aline she doesn't mind me at all beyond her friend zone.

      Man! She is my boss and super hot so even if she continue to do it what should I do?

    • Yeah I think she's probably still interested. Obviously you like her that's why you asked her out. It is tricky when the said person is your boss though. If I were you I would probably go for it lol, but play it safe at the same time. I would ask her out again, and just take it really slow. I wouldn't be too aggressive in my approach. Because if it fails its gonna lead to some very awkward moments at work.

    • Hey guys, she did say yes! Actually I let go one week before I asked her again. I have the courage to ask her right out but sometimes that direct questions doesn't give you enough room to say about your emotions. I just send a latter and said to her that this is for you my dear. I poured my heart out.

      I was waiting for reply but no reply for a whole day. I was sad to know that she doesn't think that I deserve to know the answer. She is my boss so I asked her next day if I can go for a smoke earlier. She said yes and she joined me after sometimes. She felt nervous and I asked if she had read the latter and she said she was busy with the ball. (This is true and genuine thing) she just didn't have had the time to let me know. I didn't want to tell in front of the other office staff. Phew! I was so delighted to hear that.

      I am now just going to act as my heart says. I ain't going try to impress her forcefully but I will make sure that I do my best to have her an awesome time!

  • The answer to most of those questions is "fear'.
    Fear of looking too obvious or too desperate. Fear of being labled easy or a slut.
    Fear rules most of their decision making processes.

    Why can't they speak their minds? Fear.

    Be the sort of man who can help a girl feel safe and secure? (Eliminate the constant fear) and you will be the man.

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