How can I ask this girl to hang out without making it sound awkward?

So a girl who rejected me last year came back into my life and she texted me that she saw my Instagram figured out we live in the same building on campus. So she said she wanted to play volleyball and asked me to play last week and I couldn't cause of class. So we haven't talked in a week and she hinted at me she wants to see my room. She said she never saw a 4 man and I said you can come see mine if you want. She replied just text me anytime and I will come down. How do I ask her to come down to my apartment without sounding awkward or creepy. She knows I like her still so I dont totally trust her.


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  • You have to be casual, and not feel awkward. She's the one inviting you.
    Just drop in a text saying, "so you still up for seeing a 4 man?" Or something. It won't be weird, since she's the one who's so eager. And if I'm not wrong, she might be interested in you. Or she's really lonely. One of those.

    • OK but right now I'm playing the game too though not trying to seem desperate cause she rejected me so I don't want her to know I still like her that much. She waited months to contact me and only did when she knew we lived in the same building.

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