How often are you suppose to text someone you hardly know?

I've known this girl through mutual friends now for about a month and we just recently started talking to each other since we live 2 hours apart. I texted her the next day when I got the number and we were chatting and flirting some but I didn't respond to her last text due to work and I didn't want to seem needy by texting her all day.. My question is how often should I be texting this girl?


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  • I think you have the right idea. You want to feel it out and not text too often to a) seem like you're always available and b) seem like you're a little too into her.

    You just have to feel it out, though. If she seems engaged and is receptive to texting all throughout the day, do that. If he's giving terse responses, she's probably not that interested and you should back off.

    I wouldn't text a woman past 9pm or 10pm though. That turns into booty call time.

  • Text her as much as you want just as long as she is replying it's all good.


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