How to react when you see someone online but they haven't text you back in a day?

Sometimes I see him online when he hasn't text me back in a long time. Should I let it go or ask him about it or stop looking?

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  • Question him.
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  • Stop looking at the profile.
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  • me personally, I would just call the person out of it, you know put them on the spot. but for you, just let it go. they either didn't see it yet and so haven't responded or they ignored it intentionally, or saw it but told themselves they would reply later and forgot.

    • Should I text again. I don't want to seem desperate or smother him.

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    • ooh noice:D TyvM!:)

    • Haha you're welcome

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  • Some people just aren't as big about online communication and staying in touch constantly. Some people don't like talking to people all the time. If you get pissed about it, he's not gonna want to talk to you at all


What Girls Said 3

  • let it go and stop wasting your time

  • i would let it go
    i clicked wrongly (vote b)

  • I am in the same boat as you now!
    I however am now just gonna leave it! as it will stress you out
    and when he is ready to talk he will contact you I am sure of it... This has happened a few times with me and they always get back to me eventually as they were just busy/ not good company at the time I text

    good luck sweetie hope all goes ok :) x